Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Money's Going Into the Wrong End of the Whirlpool!

You ever score a goal on your own net? This is what the economic dodos are doing in Ottawa.
The economic chain is made up of the financial sector, the government sector, the business and service sectors and the consumer.
During the past 12 years, the consumers around the world have been working their tails off so that they can fulfill their destiny... consume, consume, consume!
But, the financial sector sharks got into an addictive feeding frenzy. Finally, they created so many trillion extra electrons in their computers that they couldn't pay their debts when some of the consumers couldn't pay for their consumption obesity.
But, when the government musc-rats heard about this they only saw their friends at the country clubs and fine hotel dinning rooms crying. They then offered to help these big bankers and businessmen who told the muscrats that by helping them, they would restore the economy.
Whoa! Any beaver with a Canadian education can tell you that it is the financial foxes and business bulls who manipulated the economy for their own benefit in the first place. These are the bad guys!
The beavers are now in big trouble in the USA and many other countries. Canadian beavers are also in trouble as their retirement savings have plummeted in value, their homes are sliding down the rapids, and their credit card interest rates have been increased to the formerly illegal usurious rate of 28%. Also, the babyboomer beavers are closing in on retirement and only 14% will have enough money to retire. The other 86% will be impoverished within 6 years of retirement!
Duh! Isn't it obvious that by pouring money into the top end of the economic whirlpool, nothing will come out the other end? Isn't it obvious that the way to fix this mess is to improve the financial balance sheets of beaver families and consumers?
It looks to me that the economic dodo birds got it backwards by recommending "Supply-side" fiscal policies. No - the fast and only solution is to follow the economic Owls who recommend "Demand-side" fiscal policies.
The federal, provincial and municipal muscrats need to get the puck down to the other end of the rink. Then we'll score lots of goals.
By the way, me and my beaver friends have lots of successful offensive plays if anyone is interested.
Bob the Beaver

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