Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Budget Not For Beavers

Did you see that slapshot?

Can you believe those muscrats in Ottawa?

With their provincial cousins, they are all planning to spend an extra $100 billion more than they will collect over the next three years.

Now wait a minute! I'm not a dumb beaver! Let's get this logic right.
As a middle class beaver, we give over 80% of the income taxes of $125b. If the government spends $100 billion more than they collect from us, then we owe the $100b. Then they spend this on themselves and their buddies, and in four years they want us to pay this debt.
Now, why would I borrow $100b, spend it on everybody else, and then pay back the $100b? This just doesn't make a wood chip of common beaver sense!
"Bob the Beaver"

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