Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Whose's Getting Stimulated and Where?

This budget ain't stimulating any beavers I know - except under our beaver tails!
The federal muscrats are going to spend $258b this year through all of their sticky-pawed bureaucats. Us middle class beavers know that 70% of this money will end up keeping the lodges warm and the stomachs fed of the 300,000-plus civil service union country club members and their millionaire boss plutocats.
If some money does escape, it is going to the loyal party supporters and their few thousand construction workers. I didn't know the workers were short of work. Have you ever tried to find a plumber, electrician or carpenter lately? Even the road and sewer workers seem to be falling behing in their jobs as it takes months to get their barriers down.
Even if the government guarantees some loans made by the banks and some obscure government agencies, things aren't going to improve for the autoworkers and white collar workers. There are oodles of loonies looking for good investments right now. So, the government is only going to guarantee loans to bad and risky businesses that will never pay the interest and principal back to the banks.
So guess who will have to pay back the banks? And guess who will have to pay the government for their losses? And just how are we middle class beavers going to do this?
Bob the Beaver

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