Thursday, March 12, 2009

Yanks Giving Us The "Goldfinger"?

Well, I'll tell you, "It sure is weird that my few RRSP's gold shares and gold funds keep going up and then are shot down." The price of gold on the "free" market is doing the same thing.

It makes one think that maybe someone is manipulating gold prices just like those crooks were doing with oil prices in 2007 and 2008. I guess the yanks like to think of their dollar being the only currency in the world worth anything. Maybe this is why they are giving us all the "goldfinger"?

Even Mr. Big Beaver Buffet can't understand why the yankee dollar isn't sinking to the bottom of the pond. But I'm not so sure we should be paying attention to the mental meanderings of a gazillionaire who lost $25 billion last year.

In the USA, there are lots of rich Americanos trying to hold gold down so that Buffet doesn't make back his $25b. But I think it will be rogue states and individual billionaires who are forced into abandoning their US currency loyalties who will eventually drive gold up.

As long as the USA can print money with no apparent inflationary spiral effect, their government will continue to buy gold to hold its value down. The day the world becomes drunk on US dollars, and stops ordering more, will be the day gold seeks its' own ceiling.

Anyway, it sure is amusing to sit back and watch all these fat cat bullies scurrying around trying to protect their fortunes. I ain't got a fortune to lose, so I guess I'm sitting pretty on a stump!

Bob the Beaver

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