Monday, April 4, 2011

Winning Election Can Be Easy!

Every single beaver I meet says the same things.

"We have to vote for one party or another, but none of them care what I seriously think about." or

"We all know what is wrong, but none of the parties have the courage to do it!" or

"They really shouldn't be criticizing each other's character in the mass media. It just isn't Canadian! "

"Every time an election comes, I have to vote for what I think is the party that will do the least damage... not the most benefit for Canada."

Well let me tell you what every single beaver is thinking:

"Canada's problem is its massive civil service costs."

" The civil service employees are over-paid for what they do."

"The civil service employees are ripping everyone off with their exhorbitant benefits and pension plans and job security."

"No political party has the guts to stand up to the gigantic civil service union monster."

"The civil service unions extort the private citizen beavers with an unlimited appetitie for wage and benefit increases."

"The civil service membership is so large, and they vote almost on mass, so no political party can dare to challenge them."

"We love our civil servants, but they have become way too greedy."

"Canada has to get out of debt, but we will never do it until someone brings the civil service under control."

So, there you have it! The secret to winning an electoral majority is to show Canadian beavers how they will stop the public sector union army.

The Canadian Federalist Party is not afraid of the public sector unions. In fact, it respects them for what they have done for their members. The private sector has fallen way behind in taking care of its members. But the CFP will devise programmes to even the playing field between both sector's workers.

Once this is accomplished, Canada will have plenty of its own capital to re-build our nation.

Meanwhile, we are most likley heading into another minority government. Unfortunately, it also means that the gap between the public and private sector beavers will continue to widen.

I just hope us beavers can find a tree big enough to cross this widening gap.

Keep the chatter going!

Bob the Beaver

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