Friday, September 23, 2011

Conservative Crime Bill Scary!

Canadian Beavers should be marching on Ottawa en mass before the CRIME Bills C51-54 get passed by this majority government.

The media has focussed upon some get tough clauses on youth and repeat offenders, but they have not sounded any alarm bells about the extensive new powers being promised to government law enforcement agencies.

The public's privacy in their homes, or anywhere else, is about to be wiped out! Police and government agents will no longer be required to obtain a court ordered warrant to eavesdrop on any one they choose.

Police and other government agents will be able to wiretap, eaves drop on cell phones, watch your Internet browsing, monitot your e-mails, Facebook, Twitters, Linkden, etc. and even obtain Internet usage logs from ISP's - Internet Service Providers. They will likely be able to download everything on your computers whenever they connect you to a suspicious person, organization or company.

In other words, Canadian beavers will never be allowed to be alone and in private ever again! People with a political agenda will have direct access to everything about you.

There is also other legislation going on that will allow foreign governments access to these Canadian systems and information.

After 5000 years of personal privacy, Canadian beavers will enter a new era of government legislated peeping Toms.

Our freedom and democracy are about to be deleted by the click of a keyboard.

Write to your MP now!!!

Beavers - sharpen your teeth and start biting!

Bob the Beaver

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