Thursday, July 28, 2011

"Canadian Independance Possible?"

I'll tell you, I am getting sick and tired of being gouged every time I paddle my log up to the pump for a fill up. My wife Betty Beaver is also almost in tears over the crazy prices for groceries and stuff from the big box stores. It seems that everything has skyrocketting prices, but the rodents in Ottawa say inflation is only 2-3%.

You know, all this price gouging is because we don't control our own economy anymore. Foreign bureaucrats and global corporations are running the show nowadays. Canadian beavers are just treading water faster and faster in our own little pond.

During the past twenty years, the financial vultures financed the takeover of all competitors in one industry after another until most industries in Canada are controlled by less than six companies. These corpulent moguls now control what we buy and how much we pay. The "free-market-economy" has evaporated.

In fact, Canadians are forced to pay "global prices" for our own: wheat, oil, minerals, lumber, fish, farm produce, manufactured goods, energy, water, telecommunications, etc. etc. etc. We no longer run our own show.

Foreign governments are also using their government "Sovereign Investment Funds" to buy up Canada's resources at an alarming rate. Heck, Canada doesn't even have a "Sovereign Fund" of its own!

We are being mopped up by foreign governments and global corporations without paying any attention to the needs of our kids and following generations of Canadians!

It is time to stop playing nice little Beaver. Canadians need to build a great beaver dam around our country and stop giving away our resources and our economy to the self-interests of foreign enterprises and governments.

Bob the Beaver

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