Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Potash Sale is Treason?

Unbelievable! Canada supplies close to 50% of the world's supply of potash, a key ingedient in fertilizer. This is a non-renewable natural resource. It is sheer stupidity to give control of this essential natural resource to a giant global mining conglomerate.

According to The Economist, the purchaser already effectively controls and manipulates global supply and prices for a wide range of minerals. Aside from a short term bribe to the Canadian government, how will their price fixing help us ordinary Canadians and our potash customers over the next few generations?

This government is wrong to assume they can make a decision to bind future governments to a sell out deal to foreign interests. Canadian beavers have a right to own these resources for our future generations.

We all need to slap our tails on the water and make so much noise that these muscrats and weasels in Ottawa will back away from selling our heritage.

Keep your teeth sharp on the legs of politicians.

Bob the Beaver

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