Friday, November 30, 2012

Canada Being Robbed by Foreigners?

The foreign purchases within our Provinces of vast wilderness areas during the past 10 years has not received any media attention. It has only been during 2012 that the common beavers have become acutely aware that foreign entities are trying to buy up many of our most valuable corporations and resource fields.

Media muscrats jumped on mining giant BHP Billiton who intended to add our Canadian Potash Corp. to their global pricing cartel. Our slapping tails were heard by the weasils in Ottawa and the deal was washed away. Billiton merely bought a chunk of nearby potash rich land and is building their own mine. In ten years our company will be forced to follow their global pricing control and they will cut prices to bankrupt our domestic competition. Canada is being robbed by global business cartels.

In October 2012, the Canadian Prime Minister postponed signing a 30 year deal with China's state owned oil giant because of rising beaver temperatures about dealing with a communist cabal known for its one-sided deals in other countries. Belgium is having a major international court battle because the Chinese government is suing them for billions after the Belgians discovered what a terrible deal they made. Groups of beavers are trying to get the PM to swim away from the Chinese deal, but since most of it was negotiated in secret, it is quite possible it will also be implemented in secret.

Rich countries are buying up the resources and industries of other countries through government owned Sovereign Wealth funds. This is economic and financial warfare no different than the big box stores taking over the retail markets of Canada's small business beaver families. (Have you noticed how retail prices in Canada are so much higher than the USA? It is truly because the giant foreign retailers have no local competitors!) Canadian beavers need to sharpen some trees and stick them down the throats of these financial giants. We should develop our country with our own home-made capital!

The CFP (Canadian Federalist Party)  has written to the PM to suggest an alternative set of strategies for Canadian resource development and global industrial competitieness for the next 50 years. It was pointed out that major Canadian corporations have taken several generations to create. If we sell these off, we will not be competitive in the global business marketplace. In fact, we could easily become a buyer nation and thus lose our autonomy.

Do we have to dam the Ottawa River to get the attention of these near-sighted weasils?

Keep your teeth sharp and keep smacking your tails!

Bob the Beaver

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