Monday, December 6, 2010

Bill C-24 is SCARY!

So our paranoid cousins to the south want our government to pass Bill - C24 that gives them all the private info on Canadians boarding flights passing through USA airspace. Maybe with this info they can scramble some jets to force your flight to land on USA soil?

Canadian beavers are personally concerned about the rapid spread and integration of databases around the world that contain personal information that is quickly outdated and unfortunately contain erroneous or incomplete data. These databases are extremely difficult to modify or correct and thus often create more problems than they help resolve.

Bill C-24 is yet another process for creating huge collections of information that rarely, if ever, produce more effective investigations than standard security practices. There is a mythology developing that these databases will find a needle in a beaver dam or a beaver dam with a needle. But as anyone with common sense, who are not suffering from muscrat paranoia, will realize, criminals will have false identifications whenever they travel. Thus, the database will only identify beavers who have had minor past indiscretions or been afflicted by bureaucratic errors.

Canadians really don't feel that we should be creating a global digitized personal identification network for future generations of Canadians. I think this step will encourage more marginalization of individual thinkers and lead to greater mass paranoia and extremist groups. There is a crucial balance between individual rights and individual freedom that can be thrown into imbalance by excessive monitoring and control. We don't want to lay the groundwork for the world to become prison-like for future generations.

As you know, during the past twenty-five years there has been accumulating sympathy for an eventual global government. Such databases and international integration will pave the way for such a freedomless New World Order. Canadians must put their paws down now and refuse to participate in this perilous journey.

In the case of Bill C-24, it is crucial for the conscience and soul of our politicians to rise above party solidarity and stand against this further intrusion into personal privacy.

Also, real criminals or political terrorists will travel with fake ID anyway and these databases will not provide any advantages over traditional security investigations.

Beavers around the world are watching our response to this imperialist demand by our giant neighbours. Frankly, aren't they big enough to take care of their own security without creating the beginnings of a global personal database?
Frankly, it seems that we are turning into americanized Buffalo stampeding towards a precipice instead of individualistic and industrial Beavers which is our cultural heritage.

Keep your tails away from falling trees!

"Bob the Beaver"

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