Friday, June 28, 2013

Senior Baby Boomer Beavers Sinking Fast

Older Canadian beavers cash flows are being sucked dry by entrenched government policies designed for people with steady and secure wages. These policies are extortionist to ageing seniors with declining incomes. In fact, over 60% of us grizzled beavers will be forced into bankruptcy conditions and poverty long before we actually die.

As you know, most of us become unemployed due to ageism by the time we pass 50 winters. We become "consultants" and self-employed workers with diminishing incomes and increasing expenses. In many cases our legitimate tax deductions exceed our incomes and we can't use them to reduce the taxes payable on our RRSP's we cashed in to keep our businesses alive or our pitiful OAS and CPP revenues. We have to pay these taxes even though we had negative incomes in the year.

If our spouse had some income, we can't even deduct our business expenses from their income to reduce their payable taxes. In fact, we may have a marginal tax rate below 20%, but our spouse may be taxed at 46%!!! . This is absolutely rapacious taxation regulations for seniors. Especially those of us who started second families in our forties and still have kids in university and a mortgage on the house we are still trying to buy for our second family.

When we look at an average family income tax rate of 32%, plus 5% of our income for property taxes, plus 13% HST on almost everything we buy, plus excise taxes on gas and beer and surcharges on energy and 7% GST on some services, we end up paying 60% of our income back to the Canadian governments. This huge bite out of our tails doesn't leave enough to pay the rising coats assessed by monoplistic price fixing by the communications industry, insurance industry, banking industry etc. etc. And this doesn't even address the 15% inflation on food and other essential items we buy from the foreign controlled retail sectors.

I keep hearing the media mice talking about seniors with $100,000 in net worth when in fact 2/3' rds of Canadian seniors have less. But this is till stupid logic, because the $100,000 is only earning $5000 a year at most. These funds are totally inadequate to support any kind of a dignified lifestyle. The fact is- we have been taxed so much for the past 45 years that we couldn't possibly accumulate adequate wealth to retire with adequate finances. We have been drained dry and left to die!

Our governments better get a Royal Commission launched immediately.

Baby Boomer seniors changed the existing paradigm of lifestyles as they grew up and matured. As seniors they are healthier and more pro-active than previous generations. They will not tolerate government directed impoverishment. It doesn't matter how many and how luxurious the new prisons will be. Ageing boomers will riot rather than dutifully pay ever increasing invisible taxes and inflated prices.

All beavers across Canada need to start asking our governments: "What tax breaks and price controls will you implement to help me sustain my lifestyle and dignity?"

Keep your tails above the surface.

Bob the Beaver

Friday, November 30, 2012

Canada Being Robbed by Foreigners?

The foreign purchases within our Provinces of vast wilderness areas during the past 10 years has not received any media attention. It has only been during 2012 that the common beavers have become acutely aware that foreign entities are trying to buy up many of our most valuable corporations and resource fields.

Media muscrats jumped on mining giant BHP Billiton who intended to add our Canadian Potash Corp. to their global pricing cartel. Our slapping tails were heard by the weasils in Ottawa and the deal was washed away. Billiton merely bought a chunk of nearby potash rich land and is building their own mine. In ten years our company will be forced to follow their global pricing control and they will cut prices to bankrupt our domestic competition. Canada is being robbed by global business cartels.

In October 2012, the Canadian Prime Minister postponed signing a 30 year deal with China's state owned oil giant because of rising beaver temperatures about dealing with a communist cabal known for its one-sided deals in other countries. Belgium is having a major international court battle because the Chinese government is suing them for billions after the Belgians discovered what a terrible deal they made. Groups of beavers are trying to get the PM to swim away from the Chinese deal, but since most of it was negotiated in secret, it is quite possible it will also be implemented in secret.

Rich countries are buying up the resources and industries of other countries through government owned Sovereign Wealth funds. This is economic and financial warfare no different than the big box stores taking over the retail markets of Canada's small business beaver families. (Have you noticed how retail prices in Canada are so much higher than the USA? It is truly because the giant foreign retailers have no local competitors!) Canadian beavers need to sharpen some trees and stick them down the throats of these financial giants. We should develop our country with our own home-made capital!

The CFP (Canadian Federalist Party)  has written to the PM to suggest an alternative set of strategies for Canadian resource development and global industrial competitieness for the next 50 years. It was pointed out that major Canadian corporations have taken several generations to create. If we sell these off, we will not be competitive in the global business marketplace. In fact, we could easily become a buyer nation and thus lose our autonomy.

Do we have to dam the Ottawa River to get the attention of these near-sighted weasils?

Keep your teeth sharp and keep smacking your tails!

Bob the Beaver

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bankrupt Governments = Bankrupt Beavers?

So Europe's Germany, Britain & France have decided to bankroll Greece once again and the Greek beavers are expected to give them the finger. But what does the european debts crisis all really mean?

Firstly, the three big boys have loaned many of their neighbours over $3 Trillion. Their neighbours can not pay them back, so they are also technically bust. Any more unrecoverable loans will have to be paid through "Quantitative Easing", ie. money printing, by G & B & F. But this would normally lead to inflation and these countries are already experiencing over 5% inflation rates.

The USA's debt is mainly held by China who isn't likely to get their money back either. China has been using their liquidity to purchase capital goods and infrastructure, but their populace isn't prospering enough to be able to afford the massive expensive housing that has been built. They are on the verge of their own USA style sub-prime mortgage defaults.

Back in Canada, we have helped our banks build up a tiny capital reserve, but they are still exposed to significant questionable investments. Our government has cut its' corporate tax rates and has done nothing to stop foreign and international companies from exporting at artificially low prices so they can skim their earnings into offshore bank accounts. Deficit days are ahead.

Canadian beavers are hanging on to our jobs and trying to pay down our credit cards by offloading our debts into lower interest rate lines-of-credit and mortgages. We are hoping we can start paying off our mortgage principal before the creeping inflation leads to interest rate hikes by 2014. In fact, when we renew our mortgages then there is a real possibility we will be facing the same dung as the yanks experienced in their sub-prime rate mortgage renewals.

The other black cloud is in property values that may decrease if the global crisis results in a major recession or depression. One side of our brain says hold on to get the benefit of inflation, but the other side is saying that whatever we pay off in principal may be devoured by a drop in real estate values.

Any drop in real estate values will hurt the banks who have 80% of Canadian mortgages. Their creditors will demand more collateral on the money they borrowed to lend to us. Thus the Bank of Canada will have to do more "quantitative easing" to support the banks again.

So it looks like we have dropped over a waterfall and are being swept into a whirlpool.

I think I'll just try to find a smaller beaver lodge, get out of debt asap, and mind my own business for a while. I just can't trust the muskrats in government or the weasels in banking to do anything that will protect me and my pups. In fact, they are likely to try and dump their losses on us sooner than later.

Keep your tails down!

Bob the Beaver

Friday, September 23, 2011

Conservative Crime Bill Scary!

Canadian Beavers should be marching on Ottawa en mass before the CRIME Bills C51-54 get passed by this majority government.

The media has focussed upon some get tough clauses on youth and repeat offenders, but they have not sounded any alarm bells about the extensive new powers being promised to government law enforcement agencies.

The public's privacy in their homes, or anywhere else, is about to be wiped out! Police and government agents will no longer be required to obtain a court ordered warrant to eavesdrop on any one they choose.

Police and other government agents will be able to wiretap, eaves drop on cell phones, watch your Internet browsing, monitot your e-mails, Facebook, Twitters, Linkden, etc. and even obtain Internet usage logs from ISP's - Internet Service Providers. They will likely be able to download everything on your computers whenever they connect you to a suspicious person, organization or company.

In other words, Canadian beavers will never be allowed to be alone and in private ever again! People with a political agenda will have direct access to everything about you.

There is also other legislation going on that will allow foreign governments access to these Canadian systems and information.

After 5000 years of personal privacy, Canadian beavers will enter a new era of government legislated peeping Toms.

Our freedom and democracy are about to be deleted by the click of a keyboard.

Write to your MP now!!!

Beavers - sharpen your teeth and start biting!

Bob the Beaver

Thursday, July 28, 2011

"Canadian Independance Possible?"

I'll tell you, I am getting sick and tired of being gouged every time I paddle my log up to the pump for a fill up. My wife Betty Beaver is also almost in tears over the crazy prices for groceries and stuff from the big box stores. It seems that everything has skyrocketting prices, but the rodents in Ottawa say inflation is only 2-3%.

You know, all this price gouging is because we don't control our own economy anymore. Foreign bureaucrats and global corporations are running the show nowadays. Canadian beavers are just treading water faster and faster in our own little pond.

During the past twenty years, the financial vultures financed the takeover of all competitors in one industry after another until most industries in Canada are controlled by less than six companies. These corpulent moguls now control what we buy and how much we pay. The "free-market-economy" has evaporated.

In fact, Canadians are forced to pay "global prices" for our own: wheat, oil, minerals, lumber, fish, farm produce, manufactured goods, energy, water, telecommunications, etc. etc. etc. We no longer run our own show.

Foreign governments are also using their government "Sovereign Investment Funds" to buy up Canada's resources at an alarming rate. Heck, Canada doesn't even have a "Sovereign Fund" of its own!

We are being mopped up by foreign governments and global corporations without paying any attention to the needs of our kids and following generations of Canadians!

It is time to stop playing nice little Beaver. Canadians need to build a great beaver dam around our country and stop giving away our resources and our economy to the self-interests of foreign enterprises and governments.

Bob the Beaver

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Canada an "IDIOCRACY"?

Us beavers have to ask ourselves if our form of self-government hasn't turned into an "IDIOCRACY"?

We recently elected a Conservative government because it is better to elect the anti-consumer we know than an ex-patriate we don't know and wouldn't trust in our canoe on a calm lake.

But really... we canuks haven't figured out how to run our country. It seems our skill and intellectual levels peaked at coaching a team of 8 year old hockey players.

Our government-directed economy favours the growth of fewer and fewer companies forming price-gouging business cartels in almost every industry. Establishing successful new businesses in any industry is as rare as a civil servant demanding to be paid at par with the private sector.

There is no price competition any more in any sector of our economy. Have you tried to get a reduced rate on your auto insurance or your life insurance lately? Do you drive 90kms out of town to get a 4% price reduction on your gasoline? Have you actually got a lower mortgage rate from one financial institution to the next? Have you noticed that each big box chain store retailer never actually prices at the "suggested list price" anymore? Even car dealers don't allow their sales men to offer a discount... and then watch out for all the extra hidden charges they have made up? (same on your service bill)

Have you tried to buy a plane ticket to paradise lately? The prices go up and down daily depending upon the tickets sold. Groceries have gone nuts! Soon they will tax our home-grown fruits and vegetables. Hockey tickets are outrageous. The medical and pharmacological players might as well be privatized as they are gouging OHIP and OHIP is charging us a gazillion dollars to control the prices of medical care. (By the way, did you realize that medical expenses for car accidents are billed at higher than OHIP rates to the insurance companies?)

And what about the CRTC's communications industry cartels? The consumer is being gouged while the CRTC protects the industry from new competitors. Energy costs are rising like swamp gas in a cesspool. Privatizing Ontario Hydro was like plugging these guys directly into our beaver lodge's bank account.

It sure looks to me like we are living in a financial dictatorship run by companies colluding on supply and prices, who are supported by our government bureaucrats and naive politicians.

Even our "Competition Bureau" has never gone after these cartels and instead they have gone after the most competitive sector in our economy, real estate. If they suceed in their latest attack on the Toronto Real Estate Board they will severely reduce the competitiveness of the 90,000 independant realtors in Canada and set the stage for the corporatization of this industry.

Canadians have tolerated the gradual increase in government regulatory powers and control over consumer acquisition of family wealth. But, the ordinary beaver didn't expect that industries would be allowed to also control supply and prices for their insatiable greedy ambitions. Canadians are experiencing the oppressive powers of extreme capitalism and extreme socialism.

Nobody, other than the CFP, is offering the solutions to this conundrum. The "idiots" are controlling us, the "idiots" are not changing the rules, and unfortunately... the "idiots" elected all of them! This is why we have evolved into an "IDIOCRACY".

Slap your tails on the pond!

Bob the Beaver

Friday, April 8, 2011

Selling Your Vote?

These politicians might just as well slither around and hand eveyone $2000 to vote for them. They are making about $36 billion in election promises to the 18 million voters that they have no ability to pay!

In fact, they will have to tax us back the $36 billion they are promising to give us.

Perhaps Canada needs to change Halloween to May 2? The goodies they are promising to freely give us would make any poor beaver drool down his chin.

The Conservative Party promised $100 million to boost police forces and discourage gang membership. Think about it. They didn't promise you or me this $100 million. No, they promised the money would go to the civil service bureau involved in Crime Prevention and the expanding of police forces.. The Conservatives want to buy the civil service votes on mass. They have no intention of cutting back on our massive civil service costs!

The Liberal Party has promised $4000 per university or college student to be applied to their tuition. Now if that isn't a vote purchasing game, I don't know what is!

The NDP Party has targetted the Senior beaver vote with "protection" of pensions... not major increases. They are running on a "feel secure" platform that lacks substance to most voters.

And the Green Party, will raise corporate taxes and thus eliminate any possibility of generating capital to invest in new jobs. Now there is a really dumb move!

Let's face the fact that Canada's official political parties just don't see the big picture. Canadian families don't give a darn about all these payouts to other segments of society. Canadian families want a clear vision of where Canada is going and what opportunities there will be for their kids.

Canadians want a long term Vision for Canada that provides a fair distribution of our natural and economic wealth. They want to see the way Canada will utilize all the new technologies to make this country the most successful nation in the world. They want to see how we will establish a culture where individual effort and merit is rewarded regardless of social status, cultural heritage or nepotism. They want political leadership with a clear understanding of how to change our country's course without job losses and investment retreats.

Canadians want a party that doesn't exist yet! They want a CFP - Canadian Federalist Party. But they don't even know it already exists in a virtual website. Hey, maybe it is time for us beavers to start slapping our tails on the waters of this country to get the message out?

Maybe you can send a birchbark letter to your friends and relatives to check out: ?

Man, the silence in this wilderness is driving me nuts. The sad call of the loons seems to indicate that most Canadian beavers have fallen asleep.

Hey, it's time to start slapping your tails on the water!

Bob the Beaver